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  We distribute self protective devices for effective personal safety during emergencies
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Since 9/11 and the expanding war in the Middle East and the dramatic increase in terrorism worldwide, Biological Defense has developed inexpensive Safety Kits designed to immediately protect you in the event of a weapons of mass destruction attack or other life threatening event.

First Responder teams such as Hazmat, Firefighter and Military may not be able to immediately assist you during a crucial emergency.

pretect yourself against terrorism
Bio Warfare
Botulinal Toxins, Anthrax, Ebola, E. coli

Terrorist Attacks
Chemical Warfare - Biological Agents - Dirty Bomb

Nuclear Accidents / Hazardous Materials
Nuclear waste - Toxic Chemicals - Biological Waste

Natural Disasters
Hurricanes - Floods - Tornados - Earthquakes

emergency fire escape hood

Disaster Preparedness Kits
  Biological Protection kit
  Chemical Protection kit
  Nuclear survival kit
  The Family kits
  The Traveling Nurse kit
  Fire Escape Hood
  Swine Flu protection
  First Aid system
  The Elderly kit
  Military kits
  Food Supply kits

Renewed ICBM
Attack Threat
Terrorism Alert
Keep current on significant and provocative world events affecting national security and potential global threats. Many of these informative articles are published by renowned Intelligence author John Quirk.

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