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  We distribute self protective devices for effective personal safety during emergencies
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Biological Defense LLC. was created to provide high quality products to protect, you, your family, schools, hospitals, and even your pets from a future terrorist attack be it biological, chemical or nuclear, as well as to provide protection from industrial accidents such as chemical spills, poison gas release and nuclear accidents and natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, tornados and earthquakes.

Since 9/11 and the expanding war in the Mid-east and the dramatic increase in terrorism as well as continuing threats by more than 50 terrorist groups worldwide, Biological Defense Inc. decided to research, develop and establish superb and inexpensive highly protective and practical products. These products would be used in the event of a weapons of mass destruction attack. In conducting the research, Biological Defense talked to scores of doctors, nurses, experts in HAZMAT, firemen, first responders and experts in national security and government officials and military that work in both the research area as well as the defense area. Our products are designed to be used immediately in the event of a weapons of mass destruction attack and in areas where government may not be able to respond and assist all citizens during crucial emergency response times. Biological Defense looked at the problems associated with the 9/11 attack, recent hurricanes and other natural disasters and then designed a series of protective kits designed to be stored in your home, office, school or automobile. Biological Defense also sought to design kits for the largest segment of our population, families, individuals, the elderly and even family pets.

Biological Defense LLC. has designed major kits in the area of a chemical attack, a nuclear attack, or a biological attack. Our kits would also be used in the case of a major conventional warfare attack, terrorist bombings or a dirty bomb or radioactive bomb. The items in all of our kits have been selected to assist and protect people in need of medical assistance, food, clothing, practical items and survival. If such an attack occurs, pharmacies, food stores and direct assistance from the local, state or federal government may be delayed or not available at all. Hospitals could be overloaded and interruption of medicine and food supplies and household items may happen. Certain geographical areas may be devastated and citizens may be forced to move away from affected areas. Our kits are designed and packaged to be moved in your vehicle or carried on your person. They can easily be stored in your home, school or office. Our self protection / emergency survival kits are for immediate protection and recovery and designed to protect. They are a form of preventive “medicine” in case of an attack, certainly to protect while emergency relief teams and supplies arrive. We have all seen the delays in recent help from the government in both 9/11 and especially several hurricanes that devastated parts of the West Coast, Southern and Eastern United States.

Be Prepared. Be able to Protect Yourself and Family and Friends

About Us:

Arelis Spencer, President of Biological Defense is an accredited architect and licensed private investigator . She has been involved in national security issues for over 20 years. She has been an advisor on secure facilities, Designing architectural models that are safe and secure. She has lived in Venezuela and France and speaks several languages. She is also President of Spencer Investigations Inc. a Florida licensed investigative firm.

Liliana Levinson, Vice-President of Biological Defense LLC., brings her multinational background in marketing experience to the company, fluent in three languages. Have head positions in U.S.A. and South America including Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Ms. Levinson also has a degree on Bachelor of Science in Education and Economics, her teaching experience has an affinity in education, safety and future in today’s children.

Peter Morrissette is regarded as a technical wizard in the development of state of the art eCommerce and other IT systems. He lends his expertise to our website, it's online order processing and order fulfillment systems.

Consultants John Patrick Quirk is a professor and author of a number of books and articles on National Security. He is owner of Asset Location and Recovery International a firm that investigates international fraud. For the last 7 years he has lectured at a prestigious European Diplomatic Academy. His courses focus on anti-terrorism, intelligence and international security, and Weapons of Mass Destruction. He has testified before the US House Intelligence Committee, the California Bar and has lived overseas for 26 years in Russia, Venezuela, Yugoslavia, France and Jordan. He has taught Muslim diplomats and military attaches from a number of Middle-eastern or Islamic countries. He is the author of the CIA Entrance Examination, The FBI Entrance Examination, The Intelligence Community, and CIA, A Photographic History. He is recognized as a leading expert in intelligence, counter-intelligence, anti-terrorism and national security threats to the United States.

Dr Douglas Barlow is a medical doctor that has studied and become an expert on medical crisis in the event of a weapons of mass destruction attack. He has done extensive pr-bono work in natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and Wilma. He is a consultant to a major medical university hospital and has lobbied for years for more nurses and expansion of protective services in case of a weapons of mass destruction attack. He is a graduate of Amherst College and NYU Medical School.

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